Welcome to the Prairie Star Quilt Guild 2020 Quilt Show!

Update 10/27/2020 – This site will continue to run until the end of the calendar year. In early November we will switch back to our previous server, but you will continue to be able to enjoy the show.

Grab your favorite beverage, put on some music you enjoy and take a stroll through our quilt show, enjoying the spectacular talent our members are sharing. We have over 200 quilts in our show!

For your convenience, choose from the menu at left or the one up top. Click on “show me the quilts” and enjoy! If you’re looking for quilts made by a certain person, you may use our search button in the header. You are able to search by the member’s name, by the quilt name, or by quilt number.

Pictured at left is Ruby Rhapsody, our opportunity quilt, and we have a winner!! Marcia C. won this beautiful quilt.

We have a few other areas for you to check out. Under Guild Information you will find details about our guild, how to find us on the web, and what our mission is all about. We are offering a discounted membership right now. See guild information for more details. Our vendor mall has a list of businesses who would have been with us at our in-person show. At our show we also have our own booths where we sell things. Details about that is under “our booths at the show”. This show is free for you to enjoy, but donations are welcome and appreciated. Our final area shows the voting results.

Our show is a biennial one that typically occurs in early October at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. At this time we have our next show scheduled there in October 2022.

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