Bonnie Hunter Mystery Bee

Many members of our guild follow a quilter named Bonnie K Hunter who is known for making quilts from scraps of fabric. You can find out more information about her at

Each year on Halloween, Bonnie announces her free winter mystery quilt. This mystery typically runs for about 6 weeks, ending in early January. Quilters are able to follow along and make the quilt just as it’s designed, although you’re free to change the colors and/or size of the project. You will see many wonderful variations of the same pattern here. Frolic was the most recent mystery that started in 2019.

Our Bonnie Hunter Mystery Bee meets in person each week during the mystery to discuss the latest clue and provide tips, inspiration, and encouragement to one another.

In this category are quilts made by members of the bee, and other quilts made from Bonnie Hunter patterns.

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